Sound engineer,
Ghanaian music producer and sound engineer , Appietus born Appiah Dankwah, believes Becca’s husband, Tobi is up to something.

According to him, Tobi has succeeded in sacking everyone away from Becca and that has given him the opportunity to do what he wants with the Ghanaian songstress.

Appietus’ comments come days after Becca’s mother disclosed that her daughter is blinded by love and has treated her unfairly because of Tobi.

Appietus indicated that it’s high time Becca becomes very careful with her life because some Nigerians can go over board with their actions.

He warned Tobi to be careful because when something happens to Becca, people will march to him from warri sending a strong signal that Tobi will smell pepper should anything happen to the musician.



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