The sensational Gospel singer, Na Yawson who is popularly known by her debut single “ONIPA NNYE” is this time about to touch the hearts of all Ghanaian’s again.

In a chitchat with the Music Star, the Musician is seem to be on a current project, a project to preach peace and educate the public on how we should come together to pray for the uplifting of this nation, which will be out soon within this month.

Talking about her music career and her future plans, she picture herself to be heard worldwide since her music carry messages that can actually heal, inspire and also transform lives. She made it clear that it is so important to create a positive impact in the society through music as a Gospel musician. And this makes her unique among other stars.

She explained further… “We don’t actually get the massive support as Gospel Musicians as we know in the country but we love the few who has been there for us since day one. I keep on working hard each day for the love of the Gospel and the love of my fans. And as consistency is the key, I have made music writing and singing to be my lifetime priority and hobby so nothing is going to stop me from pushing to the higher heights. There is no way one will list 5 top GOSPEL Musicians without mentioning me. I have worked hard for such recognition and VGMA can’t turn me down next coming years…”

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