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Social Media users jab Fella Makafui over claims that will do everthing for Medikal

Actress and entrepreneur Fella Makafui has come under serious criticisms over statements she made during an interview about her relationship with rapper Medikal.

The actress disclosed that she is willing to do everything for Medikal even if it means she has to lose her legs because Medikal will always be there for her.

Fella Makafui also stated that love is all about sacrifice and that if she loses her legs, Medial will take care of her.

She further added that she believes Medikal will never cheat on her because she doesn’t see him in such a way.

However, her comments have received mixed reactions on social media and have also been criticized.

Some are of the view that she made such comments because Medikal is very wealthy and others claim she is saying that just for social media.

Zahra Leah had this to say; “He was able to break up with sista derbie who hasn’t lost a leg nor a finger with his own reasons and came for you, I have no right to have a problem with your love for him,but let’s face it, even if your hairs begin to lose no amount of wig will make him stay if he should end up with his own “reasons” that alone can be a reason and he’ll want to go,I ain’t trynna sound ‘judgy’but it can be a fact. remember you’re not the only cute and beautiful girl born and alive, my aunt just gave birth to one super fine and cutie girl bi, she’ll start growing and medikal will see her, by that time maybe you’ve had your legs toast, just careful what you wish for”.

Mary Boateng also wrote; “Sorry to tell u this,u r a fool, try it n see if he will stay with you, stop bragging about ur relationship on social media and pray for God’s protection and the blessings God”

Nana Akua Adowaa also added; “My dear sister think twice wai. Lose your legs and see how you will be treated by Medikal”

Don Diego De Azambuja commented; “Gyae gyimii no..madam Mtccchheeewww”

Husein Hassan also wrote; “Fear ladies and live long, all this brouhaha just becos The guy has something small, If u really care about love why do u drop ur former boy? celebrities love is like Charley watti one day life, I am not spelling doom but let wait and see what happens”


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