The international hip-hop super star and Songwriter Sethoo Gh who has gained millions of downloads and innumerable positively rated comments of the Omni come back album both in UK and Africa has vastly emerged overwhelmingly with the most anticipated and enormous “no pain no gain” album which was announced by the IK entertainment in UK, and songsunit respectively.

The concept of the “no pain no gain” album is lyrically impacted and stunningly geard from social, economical and cultural life of humanity with astonishing principles as a pathway of human socio-economic life with educative principles.

Download and enjoy Sethoo Gh no pain no gain album below

Sethoo Gh – no pain no gain [ Download ]

Sethoo Gh – confession [ Download ]

Sethoo Gh – show your money [ Download ]

Sethoo Gh – true love [ Download ]

Sethoo Gh – neighbour [ Download ]