Producers Chase SSUE

Dailyguide Africa  September 10, 2018


Following her outstanding live musical performances at the Alliance Française, +233 Jazz Bar & Grill and Wanshi Exclusive Event Centre recently, SSUE is being chased by some music producers and event organisers, who see a lot of potentials in her.

Her performances at the three events attracted a standing ovation, especially when she began performing most of her favourite Afro-pop and Afro-jazz songs.

After listening to some of SSUE’s songs at Alliance Française and Wanshi Event Centre, the management of the Starbiz Productions, a newly-established record label, expressed its interest in the young songstress.

“SSUE talent is amazing, but I do not think she is getting the right opportunity to showcase it,” a member of management of Starbiz Productions told BEATWAVES.

He mentioned that after witnessing SSUE’s performance at the two events, “I realise that the Afropop artiste has a bright future and would be hailed when she mounts an international


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