Award-winning dancehall artiste, Stonebwoy has advised people to discontinue labeling him as a rude and snobbish individual. According to Stonebwoy, he is a very openhearted person contrary to the false perception some people have about him.

Stonebwoy, who described the allegation as false said people who complain that he has a rude and conceited character might have met him on a ‘bad day’ or occasion because he is usually very “fun to be with”.

Speaking in an interview with JoyNews’ Becky on E with Becks, Stonebwoy admitted that he can be protective sometimes because people take advantage of his calmness and coolness which is something he doesn’t take quite well.

The CEO of Burniton Music Group said, “I try my best to equate with these people and it is very impossible because the majority that knows me can attest that I’m an open person and cool. I am sorry if my vibe has turned someone off at a point in time once or twice. I sincerely apologize”.

He added, “I don’t intend to send any bad blood signals to anybody, my wish is to make everybody happy and it is also impossible to make everybody happy all the time”.

“People take advantage of my fun to be kind of person so when fix myself back to prove to people to take their space they consider that rude”, he said.

Watch the interview below:



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