In Africa especially Ghana, no one gives a hoot about you when struggling in the ghetto for daily bread. But as soon as one becomes relatively famous, all eyes and mouths will be on the person as in the case of Fella Makafui.

Fella Makafui in real life is just an ambitious young lady putting the right strings together to make life better and easier for herself. But per the happenings, she no longer enjoys her peace of mind in reference to the day-to-day allegations.

In the voice of critics, Fella Makafui basically date married men to live luxury. This is because they can’t understand why such a young lady can boast of four different businesses not excluding expensive cars she owns.

It’s in the light of the above that Fella Makafui who became popular kind courtesy YOLO television series in the studios of Luv FM yesterday, June 27, 2019, wondered why there’s so much hate upon her life.

Speaking to DJ Ruben, the actress cum entrepreneur failed to cite the cause of the hatred saying she used to worry about it but stopped because she couldn’t get any concrete answer.

Y’all remember how Fella has become the talk of Ghana all because of a verse Strongman employed in his beef with Medikal. In “immortal” song, Strongman made it known that old men at East Legon have been chopping Fella Makafui since time immemorial



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