The struggle that emerging artistes go through are enormous coupled with the frustrations they encounter from their colleagues who are in the mainstream especially when they want a collaboration or feature.

From the charging of extortionate fees to do the feature, the amounts settled for clothing for the video shoot including even dolling out huge sums just for social media promotion and hype of the song which the emerging artiste is expected to bear these costs either by themselves or their record labels.

Emerging budding and sensational female songstress recently signed by Crew Cut Entertainment, Lyzzy Bae, has shared her ordeal she went through in the hands of Fameye for their latest song known as ‘slave wife’.

Lyzzy Bae in an emerging artiste interview with Central Music Awards 2019 Best Presenter Nominee, Amansan Krakye, of Radio Central fame in Cape Coast said

“Sometimes many artistes call me and ask for the contact of Fameye to feature on their song. They later call me with numerous complaints of the amount he’s requesting from them”

“Of course Fameye charged us for the collaboration he did on my song slave wife but I won’t tell you the amount.

“As for the video shoot we gave him GH¢1,500 for his clothing and then after he requested again that if we want him to share the video on his social media handles we should give additional GH¢500 which we did”

“My only difficulty with Fameye is that he failed to share the audio and video of the song on his main Fameye social media handles which would have given the song a major boost.

“But I don’t blame him for the money his taking from emerging artistes and all that maybe he’s using this opportunity to reap all what’s his invested into his music career so far”.

She went further to advise emerging artistes not to bang their hopes of a major breakthrough only on featuring a mainstream artiste.

Lyzzy Bae got 3 nominations in the upcoming Central Music Awards 2019 from the best female vocalist category, best collaboration category and best highlife song category.

Amansan Krakye writes…


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