The Music Imbizo is a fast growing annual international music business conference and exhibition. The conference collects various music industry stakeholders under one roof to map the way forward for the music industry in the continent – Africa. It is a platform to exhibit, network, share expertise and knowledge.
the man who belive in art and creativity, the man who believe Africa can make money from their creative arts such, music etc. well known as (Michael Bamfo) who make most of the african artiste to enjoy the sweat of their hard works in the music industry and gain something out of their music.
Michael Bamfo is the Founder and C.E.O of Apprise music & Media. Apprise Music offers many options for digital music distribution and promotions . they help musicians to gain affordable and equal access to all channels of digital music distribution with a keen focus on Artistes from Africa.

Apprise Music delivers songs and video content to monetized digital platforms only and continues to break more market grounds for the Artistes and record labels they represent by partnering with emerging music streaming services that have a focus on Africa.
Apprise Music and Media has its Headquarters in Ghana with representations in Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, Benin and Uganda. Which fast-growing catalog size consists of over 2500 recording artists, music producers, and copyright owners.
Michael Bamfo has been invited to be part of THE MUSIC IMBIZO 2019 to represent West Africa
Founder/C.E.O: Apprise Music & Media (Ghana).

I’ll be on the panel on this music business conference in South Africa for Apprise music.