3 ways to overcome the fear of success

Imagine it is exciting to play an important role model in life. An idea or event stimulates your body and mind. Trying dramatic performances, joining a sports team, starting a new career, starting a new marriage, losing weight, developing a new look, changing your image or continuing your education, it could be anything. Instead of hearing encouraging comments, you will hear, “This is ridiculous,” “You are always daydreaming,” or “You will never hurt yourself.”

Such negative statements can make people afraid of failure and fear. This situation makes the person of the recipient feel helpless. Negative attitudes are obstacles to personal performance. The implicit or obvious message is: “Where do you feel motivated?”.

Do you remember a time when you or your friends finally teamed up but the coach put you on the bench? How did you feel? humiliation? Isn’t it safe? You really want to become a bench player and become an athlete, what do you personally need. Which makes you unable to talk, and let the coach know that you are a great person and that you have the chance to prove that you are indeed unstoppable.

Sitting on the couch instead of talking to yourself is like not showing your role in the performance. Are you not involved in the 100% living of your life? Maybe it’s because you believe you could fail or even succeed in achieving your predetermined goals. Are you preparing for failure by telling yourself you are not performing well and by undermining your own success? Is it possible that your unproductive and negative vocabulary is dominating your thinking? Negative self-talk will deprive you of motivation, which is an inherent barrier that must be overcome.

Here are three ways to overcome the fear of success:

  1. Keep telling yourself you are up for the challenge. Be prepared and willing to challenge your best assets. Remove all negative self-talk and move on.
  2. Believe that no matter what goals you want to achieve, you pay 100%. Stop making excuses for blaming yourself, lose the ability to achieve goals, and improve self-esteem. Believe that your “performance pride” will motivate you to eliminate all “should”, “should” and “contemplation” in your vocabulary.
  3. Do your best. See yourself constantly in a constantly evolving way. Stretch all mental, emotional and physical fibers in your body. Believe and feel that I am an explosive, ecstatic and powerful person. Remember that your beliefs affect how you feel and behave.

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