3 ways to achieve your goals

“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never scoring.” -Bill Copeland


  • Focus on the end with the goal of success

From the end is imagination. Target expert Stephen R. Covey said, if you are a programmer, please write a program. Goals can help us focus and improve the quality of attention with such a cool and interesting project that we can’t help but leap.

Suppose you want to organize your work area so that everyone is inspired to do their best. Intermediate step: Like ergonomic concerns and planning comfortable lighting, the interior and interior look ordinary, but combining them together can be said to be a greater achievement, and by doing so, we are required to improve

Expectations and enhance our identity. Focus on success and keep in mind how you want things to end this way, you will succeed soon.

-Name achievements

-Give your project a title

-When do you need to do

-How do you want things to end

-Determine optimistic reasons for pursuing goals

  • Rise the moon

Defining excellence, pushing the limits, doubling goals, or trying new things are just some ideas that put our plans into action and move towards revolutionary results. Look around and witness the nature of ordinary activities being tested and reimagined.

For example, the school redefines physical education by carrying out more esoteric activities ranging from taekwondo to tai chi and yoga. With the introduction of Blogs, international exchanges are in full swing, and millions of links and central information exchanges have been inspired by immediacy, intrigue, and tension.

Raising the threshold of a project may just mean taking one more step, staying true to a weird idea, or putting it into routine practice. Commit to your goals in a meaningful way, personalize them, make them your own goals, and then wake up watching an already sleepy project, giving way to newfound energy, creativity, and uniqueness. Shoot the moon. Even if you miss it, you will fall into the stars. “

-Double goals

-challenge the limit

-Regular practice

-Raise your standards, values ​​or beliefs

-Make it a game

  • Take the path of least resistance-or to let me see the shortcut

Sometimes the goal is worth breaking through. “Time Magazine” reported that after 8 hours of sleep, you are twice as likely to find a shortcut to the problem. It is believed that relaxation is good for the brain, and good for the brain is good for the whole mind and soul.

Are you doing too much, lack nutrition, and exhaustion? Well, maybe it’s time to consider another way. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Pick up a book written by an expert, join a group around your project, sign a newsletter, or ask someone to help and provide help.

For example, if I am writing a movie script and suffer from a deadline set by myself, I can simplify my project simply by registering for a writing class. Only weekly writing tasks and classroom exercises will speed up my script development. Another shortcut that is overlooked is to consider smaller steps.

The smaller the increment, the easier the goal. Deng Mingdao wrote in “Everyday Tao” that one inch in one direction, and then one inch in the other direction has crossed 2 inches. Gradually, we can improve on this. Taking the path of least resistance is the gift of energy.

-Don’t reshape the people who used to be

-Slow down or change the pace

-Maintain a minimum daily standard

-Write down everything-loose or lost

-The smaller the increment, the easier the goal

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