Shatta Wale three months relationship with Freda ends. After Shatta Wale flaunting on social media to spite his Ex, Michy. It’s appears that Shatta Wale who’s recent relationship with Freda fell in the ocean wants to escape being mocked.

Years after Shatta Wale also known as 1Don break up with Shatta Michy. The known dancehall king Shatta Wale has been involved in number of relationship but he recently showcased his relationship with Freda to the world and fans were happy for him.

In some of his “ love flaunting sprees “ on social media, Shatta Wale usually has been sending messages to Michy in a way that seems as thou she was being spited.

But just three months, Shatta Wale new relationship has come to an end and he has taken to social media to plead to Michy not to tease him for it.

“Shatta Micky please don’t laugh at me that I have broken heart ooo, ok byee..” he shared on his Snapchat.

Am boss Unclear what really happened before the break up.

In a series of rants, Shatta Wale has taken a stance against marriage and has also ruled out overprotective women from his space.

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