Head of Communications at Charterhouse, Mr. Robert Klah has made clarification why the Bhim Nation Boss Stonebwoy’s name showed up in 2k22 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) while the Shatta Movement Boss Shatta Wale was snubbed. 

The two main artists doing reggae and dancehall music were both banned from the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards ( VGMA) scheme in 2019 following their infamous near gun battle incident that dominated international tabloids and online portals.

Though the ban has been lifted , Stonebwoy reportedly filed for nominations although the bhim nation boss Stonebwoy and 1Don Shatta Wale had previously resolved not to rejoin the VGMAs even if the ban is lifted because they both claim the scheme rather benefits from them and not the other way round.

This move by Stonebwoy has utterly shocked some Shatta Movement ( SM ) fans as a new wave of intense has been provoked online as a result.

In other stories, Mr. Klah says Board and Academy is willing and ready to work with anyone who expresses interest in wanting to be part of the nominations.

“The scheme is in such a way that you need to show interest in order to be part. Once you show interest, we will work with you. The interest can be in the form that you are filing or giving consent. So, Stonebwoy showed interest and we worked with him,” he told Andy Dosty.

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