Mum refuses to attend daughter’s wedding because she’s in love with her fiancé


Weddings are often a person’s happiest day of their life.

Of course, there’s months of planning and stress, but nothing beats the vibe on the day.

Now one woman has been left in quite a pickle after her mum confessed to something rather inappropriate.

The bride told how her parent has refused to attend her special day because she confessed to being in love with her future husband.

Sharing her dilemma on the forum WeddingBee, the woman opened up about the difficult, if not awkward, situation.

She said: “I am engaged to a wonderful man I met about two years ago.

“We have a truly lovely relationship and I could not ask for a better partner.”

Describing how he’s “always been close” with her family, the bride said the couple often attend camping trips and hikes.

What’s more, her partner and mum are keen tennis fans and often play together on the weekends.

But earlier this month, the woman said her mum “turned her world upside down” when she confessed her true feelings.

She told her that she’s in love with her future husband.

The bride added: “I went over to her house and she broke down immediately. She said she has feelings for John. Romantic feelings.

“She said she has been unhappy in her marriage to my dad for years and John makes her feel a way that my dad never has.”

It’s no surprise the woman was left stunned by the confession, with the mum claiming nothing had ever happened between them.

Now the mum is refusing to attend the wedding or be around her new son-in-law until her feelings change.

The bride said: “I was just speechless. I just ended up leaving.

“I told John and he called my mum and said she was being inappropriate and wanted to make it clear that nothing would happen.

“My mum was balling crying while he was saying this, just saying ‘I know, I know’.”

After the conversation, the bride’s mum texted her to apologise but re-iterated that she couldn’t control her feelings.

She added: “I called my dad to tell him and he said he was leaving the house and going to a hotel until my mum gets therapy.

“My partner is now being very distant from me and it has just made things terrible.”

Members of the forum were quick to respond to the bride’s situation.

One wrote: “Your mother never should have told you that she was having those feelings.”


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