I have moved heaven and earth to be his ideal woman but he ended up cheating on me


My husband served me divorce papers after an armed robber raped me in front of him & I enjoyed it – Lady

According to the lady, before meeting her boyfriend, she was fully into partying, smoking, drinking and doing all sorts of things with her friends just to make sure she stays happy all day.

However, the word love got all over her and got everything changed about her when she met this guy.

The lady said she was madly in love with this guy to the extent that she couldn’t turn down any favour he ever asked from her.

She said the guy succeeded in making her stop drinking and smoking, seeing her friends and even going to the gym on daily basis just to maintain her shape and figure.

Despite all these sacrifices, the lady said her boyfriend has had the gut to cheat on her with another lady.

The heartbroken lady said that she still cannot understand why the guy did that to her after stepping out of her lane just to keep him happy.

Her post reads;

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