Shatta Wale to quit music to become a gym instructor


Shatta Wale made this shocking disclosure on one of his Facebook accounts after his recent tantrums with the Ghana Police which landed him behind bars.

It has been reported that during the meeting, Shatta Wale begged the IGP on behalf of all the movie and music stars in the country to allow them to enjoy their artistic lives without being stressed.

Some Ghanaians, according to the dancehall musician, are still stuck in the precolonial mindset that a person’s looks dictate his worth and character.

He revealed that certain police officers have this mindset, which needs to be changed because it stifles entertainers’ originality.

Unfortunately, his plea fell on deaf ears as the IGP reiterated that the law will work without fear or favor.

Seemingly, troublesome Shatta Wale will be having more problems with police from henceforth reason he has thought it wise to quit music to become a full-time gym instructor to avoid jail in subsequent years.

He wrote;

You is ok , I want to be a gym instructor so they can take the music“.


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