Lady reveals new tactics armed robbers are developing to steal from people this December


The lady who looks serious in a self-recorded video chanced upon by warned Ghanaians to stay alert this Christmas because thieves are coming all out to rob massively from them.

According to her, since Ghanaians have gotten to know all their strategies in stealing, the thieves are planning to come with animals like snakes, cocks, cats, dogs and other domestic animals and when they get to the house where they want to steal from, they will create a hole in the window and put the aforementioned animals into it to get to the rooms.

By so doing, anybody in the room will be curious to know what is transpiring outside so therefore when you will open the door to go out and find out, they will put a gun on you and get to the room and pick anything of their interest and leave.

The lady advised that no one should open his or her door to find out what’s happening when any of the signs mentioned above are seen.

Instead, she said when they drop any of the domestic animals to your room, kill them and remain resilient till the next day then you take any needed step.

Watch her speak below;


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