Prince Charles threatening Royal Family with collapse as he breaks with 17th century rule


PRINCE Charles has been slammed by Nigel Farage for risking the future of the Royal Family.

Nigel Farage claimed that Prince Charles is breaking legislation from the 17th century that stated a monarch should be apolitical. The Prince of Wales has been a big voice about the climate crisis in recent weeks. The Prince even attended the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow and gave a speech, stating that “time has run out.”

Nigel Farage discussed the future of the Royal Family on GB News.

Mr Farage said: “They are discredited in every single way.

“But it’s Prince Charles that worries me.

“Part of the constitutional settlement back in the 17th century was that the monarch did not interfere in politics.

“Charles is getting too close to big globalist institutions, demanding more legislation.

“He’s on this green kick.

“He’s on this, we’re all going to die stuff.

“Whether he’s right or not, isn’t the point.”

“I think he’s getting too deeply involved in politics.”

“He needs to but out.”

Charles has been an avid campaigner for climate change throughout his life.

He follows in the footsteps of his father, Prince Philip, who spoke about the climate crisis fifty years ago.

Charles has been criticised for his decision to use a private jet to travel to the climate summit, as it emits more carbon emissions than any other mode of transport.

His son Prince William and Catherine chose to travel by train and electric car, as they were praised for “reading the room.”

The Queen did not attend COP26 due to health issues and doctor’s orders to rest.


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