My mother who is obsessed with ‘juju’ has made his 5 brothers and their wives useless and makes sleep with a man I’ve seen – Devastated lady seeks help


A young devastated lady whose mother is so obsessed with juju is seeking help urgently before her mother kills her.

According to the unknown lady, her mother who is the only female with 5 brothers has made her brothers wives experience miscarriage anytime they get pregnant.

She said, her mother has made her brothers useless and worship on the ground she walks on.

She also revealed that her father died in his sleep and her mother took over his businesses but no one knows what killed her father till date.

She further stated that her mother has forced her to sleep with a man she has never seen before.

Below is her post

My mom has 5 brothers and all of them are married. She’s the only girl and has one child. She got married but my father died, leaving her behind with his businesses. To this day nobody knows what killed my father, he died in his sleep. My mother is obsessed with Juju and she has been doing things to her brothers’ wives. They all miscarry when they fall pregnant. Those who give birth make disabled kids. Of all my grandparents’ grandchildren, there are three normal ones. The rest are disabled. Of the three of us, I’m the only one who’s educated. The other ones didn’t even make it to matric. They are not working.

My uncles don’t see anything wrong with my mother, they worship the ground she walks on. They treat her like God. During family gatherings and funerals, my mom makes her sisters-in-law work like slaves while she’s busy on her phone.

I love her but I’m tired of her. My biggest problem is she’s making me sleep with a man I’ve never seen. When he comes the lights must be off until he leaves. She says if I refuse we will both die terrible deaths.

I want advice on how I can escape this life without dying. Thank you.


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