Wife material girlfriend burns yam she was boiling for her boyfriend on her first visit


In the video fast trending on the internet, the lady was seen in the kitchen trying to salvage the remains of some burnt yam she was boiling.

The young lady was seen scraping the yam from a cooking pan which was scarred pitch-black with a knife with the hopes of hiding what she had done.

Her efforts to hide ‘her crime’ from the boyfriend however failed after the young man noticed what was going on and recorded her.

Upon reaching there, the young man discovered that his lover had ended up burning the yam that he asked her to cook for them to eat.

This drove him to pull out his phone to record the bizarre incident to show to the world that his lover who was touting herself as a ‘wife material’ could not even boil yam for them to eat.

While videoing the incident, the lady tried hiding the evidence and also managed to hide her face from showing for all to see.


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