Missing 2006 World Cup affected me in my career – Laryea Kingston


Laryea Kingston claims that being booked and missing the 2006 FIFA World Cup had a damaging effect on him.

During the 2006 Africa Cup of Nations, the former Black Stars winger was sent a red card against Senegal.

This resulted in the player receiving a three-game suspension and ending his chances of playing in the first three games of the 2006 World Cup.

Kingston stated in an interview with Joy PM Personality Profile that the incident was a huge blow to him.

“It’s rather unfortunate, I was in my prime, I did soo much for the Black Stars as a Ghanaian. In the 2006 Nations Cup, I had an encounter with one Senegalese player in which both of us got red-carded and we have to be sent off and I was banned for like three matches so I had to miss like three matches in the first three games in the world cup.

“It happens to be that I can’t be part of the squad but it’s something that affected me in my career because every player’s dream is to play in the World Cup. All the contributions that I contributed to the team and I couldn’t make it to the world cup, it’s such a big blow to me…psychologically I was really affected, I stayed indoors for a like a week and could not train with my club team,” he told Ayisha Ibrahim on PM Personality Profile.

“2010 was something that I think to knock me out because I’ve made my mind that will be my last tournament for the national team because I was ageing and I wanted to give out my last best to the national team.

“But it happened to be that I was out again so 2010 back-to-back I miss both but 2010 was the knock out one, it really got me very well,” he said.

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