Laryea Kingston reveals he did not receive salary for the first 6 months after signing a contract in Libya


Laryea Kingston has disclosed that after joining with Al-Ittihad Club in Libya, he was deprived of his six-month pay and bonuses.

When this sad event occurred, the former Black Stars winger was now getting into the professional aspect of football.

According to Laryea, after signing a deal with the club, his professional club team, Olympics, transferred him to Al-Ittihad Club in Libya in 2000.

He stated that after six months of playing for the club, the management failed to pay him his salary and additional bonuses.

“Before Hearts of Oak came in, Olympics transferred me to Libya, but the contract wasn’t successful. I had to run away from the contact because the punishment was too much. “Akwantuo” is not easy.

“I signed a contract with Al-Ittihad Club in Libya, I signed three years, my salary and everything for six months I did not receive anything and I was playing for them,” he spoke on Joy PM Personality Profile.

“For me, all I want is to come back to Ghana, re-launch my career because I realized that place would not help me, and I want to play football to the top, so all I want is to come out of the contract and continue my career.

“I’m not thinking about the money; it’s a lot of money, but I know if I start playing, I would earn a lot than what I’m chasing over there,” he said.

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