I didn’t go to school but Holy Spirit inspires me to speak English words


Gospel Musician Cecilia Marfo says when she enters the spiritual realms, the only songs she’s able to sing are English songs.

The Gospel Musician has been on several timelines on social media in the past week singing some known gospel hymns with rather broken English language.

She has become a sensation after several years of going silent and focusing on her Ministry and the work of God.

Speaking to Accra-based OKAY FM in an interview Monday, Cecilia Marfo said she is moved by the holy spirit to sing English songs.

She indicated that when she is in the realm, twi songs do not come to her.

“When I’m immersed by the Holy Spirit I sing only English songs. I have a number of them there. Because I could not go to school so I don’t speak good English but when it gets to the point that I have to use the English language, whatever that comes to mind I use it. Fortunately, God makes people understand what I mean and they get happy about it.”

She said nothing will deter her from singing English songs, not even the fact that people tease her.

To Cecilia Marfo she doesn’t see any song as “worldly” or “secular” like people see it because some of the songs are meant to provide good counsel indicating that her favourite songs are from Amakye Dede, Kojo Antwi and Kwabena Kwabena.

Source: MyNewsGh.com/ 2021


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