FDA advises Ghanaians to desist from purchasing products with foreign inscriptions


The Food And Drugs Board Authority (FDA) is advising Ghanaians to desist from purchasing or consuming products that are not in good conditions in the market.

Speaking to Mr Francis Odum, a Senior Officer of the FDA in the Western Region revealed that, it is not advisable to consume bloated products, this is due to the presence of microbial activities which makes it harmful for consumption.

He said, “If you are about to consume a bloated product, most especially tetra packs and it looks bloated, I will advise you not to consume it because there is a problem. This is due to microbes activities in the product, these products bloat due to their activities and I will advise anyone not to consume any.”

He also went further to caution citizens against the purchase or consumption of canned products that look rusty.

According to him, most canned foods that are rusting is communicating a message that the content is not in a good state to be consumed so citizens should be vigilant and cautious.

Mr Odum went further to assert that, the official language of Ghana is English and products with languages like French, Chinese, Italian and Spanish inscriptions may be harmful to use due to the inability for one to decode the inscriptions which will direct you how to properly use, manage and store the product.

As one may be ignorant of the product use and storage due to the language barrier, the products may turn harmful to the consumer.

He concluded that the FDA visits markets from time to time to have market surveillance where there are checks on products being registered and where registered products are kept for preservation.

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