You Don’t Know Their Sacrifice, You Can’t Be Angry At Pastors Flying Jets


Clergywoman, Pastor Mildren Okonkwo, has posited that people cannot be angry at pastors who live exorbitant lives.

During a sermon, she mentioned that people subject pastors to criticism when they fly in jets without the knowledge of the sacrifices they have made. According to her, they even go extra mile to sacrifice or sow the little meant for food.

Speaking at a church program recently, the clergywoman said

”If you are a church member, repent today because Pastors wives will not tell you what they are going through.

The day you(pastor’s wife) do hair, you would say Na church money be that. Meanwhile you don’t know that even the one that the pastor is supposed to eat at home, he has sown it. Pastors don’t say these things. And then tomorrow you see him flying jets, you would be angry. You can’t be angry because you don’t know my sacrifice. You dare not be angry”

Watch a video of her speaking below…

See how netizens reacted to the video;

matino____ wrote; If Jesus was in this generation he would have flown private jets too and lived in the best houses , and people will still say he was fake

daddyfreeze wrote; Una dey vex say dem don decode Una. 😂😂😂
If na sacrifice dey bring private jet babalawo suppose get like 50. 😂

nwaakaego wrote: I don wash hand commot for religious matter!! Make everybody do wetin them like las las God has the final say.🤷🤷

_kingdonwilly wrote; That’s true naaaaa Pastors deserves to be taking care off naa unless your own pastor is not worth it……if you don’t trust your pastor change church naaa na by force..?? They deserve better na

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