Video: Yaw Yeboah scores in Great Derby of Krakow


The 202nd Great Derby of Krakow ended with the victory of Wisla 1-0. Their hero was Yaw Yeboah, the author of the winning goal.

Before the start of the game, Wisla’s amp-footballers appeared on the pitch and secured the title of Polish champion on Sunday. Their performance was awarded by the gathered fans with a standing ovation.

Midfielder Aschraf El Mahdioui and forward Jan Kliment are included in the main line-up of “White Star” after a long break due to health problems. The injured stopwatch, Alan Uryga, was missing.

Initially, the game was even, but in the third minute “Pasy” could take the lead. After throwing the ball out of the car, Filip Piszczek gave a head shot, and Mikolaj Bieganski successfully intervened. Wisła also tried to attack, but they had big problems with the accuracy of passes in the final phase of the action.

With the passage of time, the advantage of Cracovia was growing, and Kamil Pestka did not take advantage of the good opportunity, who, closing the action from the left side, fired a strong shot defended by Bieganski. The young Wisla goalkeeper showed his efficiency by showing off a spectacular parade, when he bounced the ball heading towards the crossbar, on Piszczek’s “head”.

Before the break, Wisla had one chance to take the lead. Mateusz Mlynski showed off with a clever feint at the end of the line, he crossed straight for Kliment’s head. Lukas Hrosso was not surprised, however.

Wisła started the second half better and in the 53rd minute they managed to take over the defense of Cracovia. Michal Skvarka passed from under the finishing line and Yaw Yeboah sent the ball into the net with a shot from about ten meters.

Below is Yeboah’s goal:


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