Disaster awaits Kweikuma residents as wreck bridge is left unattended


Residents of Kweikuma in the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis are on the brink to experience a disaster as their wreck bridge that connects Kweikuma Ridge and the main township is left unattended causing rain water to overflow resulting in a major flood.

This is also due to their deplorable untarred road that residents have called on the Government on several occasions to fix due to its effect on them whenever it rains.

Speaking to some residents of the community, they revealed that they have been appealing to the Government for several years to fix their roads but to no avail.

They indicated whenever it rains, the road becomes unmotorable as they find it difficult to return to their homes after work and school due to flood.

The Assemblyman of Kweikumaa speaking on the issue, Mr Bukari Kyere said, ”I know the state of the roads in the community and before elections last year, the Member of Parliament (MP) promised to fix the road, a contractor was assigned which gutters were built at some parts of the side of the road and left the rest of the work undone.”

“Later, I reached out to the contractor who assured me that he will resume work soon, including the Regional Urban Roads. Most taxis and minibuses at the Kweikuma station are no more plying the Kweikuma township roads anymore because their cars have developed faults due to the road.”

“I have talked to the MP several times, as an assemblyman, the only thing I can do is to lobby for them to fix it, I am pleading with the leaders who are responsible for the project to do the needful because Kweikuma residents are suffering.”

The current situation in Kweikuma now is a ticking time bomb as a tragedy is awaiting to befall anyone who plies the Kojokrom township road.

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