Stop sending me your næked photos



Speaking with Kafui Dey on GTV, KKD begged these ladies to put an end to such “nonsense” because he’s not interested in them.

He went on to assert that, day in and day out, these shameless slay queens strafe his DMs with their nudes which he finds inappropriate and very embarrassing.

According to KKD, he holds morality in high esteem and there’s no way he will throw his standards of behavior to the dogs and droll over the nude photos and pictures the ladies send him.

To place more emphasis on his yet to be confirmed claims, KKD added that he always prompt the ladies that they have sent the nudes pictures to the wrong person but they always consent that the pictures were purposely taken for him to feed his eyes on.

He said;

I just had to ban one of my phone lines because I was receiving too many females emailing me s3xual images; please stop

Every time, I tell that they have sent the images to the wrong person but they always insist that the pictures were specially taken for me


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