Sampson discovered betting in the world, he’s the first person to bet with the help of Holy Spirit in the bible


Leader and founder of Common Sense family, Avraham Ben Moshe has boldly asserted that betting was discovered and brought into being by Sampson, the strongest man that ever lived according to the book of Judges.

Avraham made this disclosure during a discussion with Nyansa Boakwa on Happy FM monitored by

According to him, he gets baffled when he hears pastors preaching against betting because it started in the bible.

He explained that after Sampson had killed the lion with his bare hand according to the bible, he had a bet with Delilah’s brothers and when they won him, the Holy Spirit descended on him to rob and kill thirty persons where he can get money to pay for the bet he staked.

Avraham then said that pastors know about this story in the bible yet do not preach it to their members, instead, they condemn the act.


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