Governor Sanwo-Olu Says It Will Be Tough To Find Survivors At This Time


Babajide Sanwo-Olu has disclosed that it won’t be an easy task to find survivors at this time from the rubble at the scene of the Ikoyi building collapse.

The Lagos State Governor made this disclosure after visiting the site last night. Per reports, it has been more than 48 hours since the survivor was rescued. Here is what he had to say when newsmen who had gathered asked him what are the chances of finding more survivors.

He said what while responding to the question.

”It would be a tough one. It would be really really tough. It would be extremely extremely tough to imagine that we could probably still have survivors at this time.”

Watch a video of him speaking video

See how netizens reacted to the video;

chefdeee wrote; This Govner is actually a bit unlucky I must say , his whole tenure has been very catastrophic! Even if he was supposed to be a good person , he’s been facing problems that was not his …. Sometimes I just feel for him but that’s why he is a governor !

naija_rich_kids wrote; Poor strategy. Clearing rubble and dumping it next to the building was wrong. Why not get a crane that will lift from the top and dump rubble in a truck that would have driven away to dump it elsewhere. I’m sure there’s some free land around that can accommodate that. No crane in sight!

dwealthy_ken wrote: Its really not in this guys place to always show himself on the news. All for what? There are people in these offices responsible for such. Let the do their job and let the best man take the fall. Period!

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