Jamaican Artist Don Scrue Shares Reggae-Infused EP ‘King Of New York’


Today, 5th November, Jamaican Reggae/Danchall star DON SCRUE releases 4 track EP ‘King of New York’. The project is a testament to Don Scrue’s ability to effortlessly intermix Dancehall, Reggae, and Hip Hop elements, taking listeners on a sonic ride reflective of his musical palette.

Aiming for chart success, DON SCRUE wants to break into global markets and is aiming for the top with his ‘King Of New York’ EP. The artiste who has been featured in the Jamaican Observer and Ameyaw Debrah, offers themes of hood credibility, struggles, self-reflection, and self-belief along the way. ‘King of New York’ stems off the back of his last EP ‘Sensual Gratification’ which enjoyed trans-continental success.

Don Scrue Artwork

On ‘Vibe’, Scrue assures you that he and his gang “bring the vibe” wherever they pull up. ‘Fast Cash’ is an epistle about the insatiable desire to make money. He talks about the urge to make more mulla to level in the society and how more money leads to more problems. Scrue channels new energies into ‘Effortless’ as he boasts about his prowess in easily getting the girls that tickle his fancy. ‘Bad Blood’ takes a deeper look into the activities that take place in the hood. The hood clashes and tussles for supremacy. 


Production credits for the four tracks go to Studio 91 Records. 


Speaking on the EP, Don Scrue says:


 “I felt like it was time for me to put out another body of work, my last EP (Sensual Gratification) was released a year ago and it performed very well, so basically what I am trying to say is that I was inspired by my previous project. I have always been self-motivated this is what keeps me going.” 


1.    Vibes

2.    Fast Cash

3.    Effortless

4.    Bad Blood


Stream the project: King of New York

 About Don Scrue:

Don Scrue, also known as Laawd Gad, is a multi-talented recording artist and songwriter. Born Michael Golding, he is the epitome of talent and dexterity, and has established himself as a high-octane performer who is a force to be reckoned with over the years. The Reggae/Dancehall act has amassed over 1,000,000 streams on DSPs worldwide. Don Scrue, in particular, has received recognition for his new and refreshing approach to the genres of dancehall and reggae, both musically and visually. Don Scrue, originally from Crofts Hill, Clarendon, moved to Brooklyn, New York in 2003, where he currently resides.


So far, he has released songs like “We Gone Now,” “Up and Pumping,” “Trust Issues,” “Prevail,” and the list of great songs goes on. He also released the EP “Person of Interest” in 2015, followed by the follow-up EP “Still Person of Interest” in 2018. In addition, in 2020, he released “3845” and “Sensual Gratification,” as well as three well-received mixtapes. Don Scrue has travelled to many places and performed on stages alongside some of dancehall and reggae’s best. One thing is certain about Don Scrue, and that is that his approach to mainstream music is unorthodox, so much so that he describes himself as a “Jamaican dancehall hip hop reggae rapper”. 

Don Scrue 1


Currently, Don Scrue is continuing his work and will be putting out more great quality content for his ever-growing fan base. 

Connect with Don Scrue on InstagramFacebook, Spotify, and Vevo. 

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