Heartbroken man narrates how he gave money to his girlfriend on Thursday to start business, only for her to get married on Saturday


The man was said to have given his girlfriend  some amount of money for her to start up a business on Thursday only for her to get married to another man on Saturday, which is 3 days later.

The heartbroken man who hails from Keta in the Volta Region of Ghana, shared his emotional story on an Accra-based Starr FM Morning Show with Francis Abban.

Narrating his ordeal, the man claimed to have been in a relationship with the girl throughout her apprenticeship period, which her people were aware that he was her boyfriend.
The lady had requested for money to start up a business which he had promised to give her on a Saturday.

According to the man, the lady came on Thursday which was earlier than planned because according to her, she would be busy on Saturday. He gave her the money and other stuffs he had bought for her only for it to be rumored on Friday that his girlfriend was getting married on Saturday.

He went to confirm with his eyes, since he was responsible for the lady’s two months pregnancy. He sat through the ceremony quietly to the end and then approached the lady’s groom to inform him that the lady he had just married was his girlfriend and was carrying his child.

He told the groom that he was not interested in fighting with him over the woman because he has already married her. But he wanted to be clear on who between them is responsible for her pregnancy.

He said while he was having the conversation with the groom, the lady vanished and they have looked everywhere for her but they could not locate her.


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