“My ex-husband fathered 9 kids behind my back, I moved to the city to ensure my children didn’t date their half-siblings’


A mother has revealed how she discovered that her ex-husband has fathered 9 kids behind her back.

She revealed that she has now been in hiding after she found out the dirty secret about her ex-husband.

The mother of four disclosed that she moved to cities to prevent her kids from dating their half-siblings.

She made this revelation via her TikTok handle.

The woman further divulged that she had no other alternative than to move after she discovered that her ex-husband had nine children unbeknown to her.

The woman share the video on TikTok and captioned it:

“Now ex-husband. He has confirmed 9 kids. I had to leave or my kids could have dated their own siblings”

“Seeing a kid that looks like my husband in the small town we live in” she said.

She added the audio ” What’s your name, who’s your daddy”.

In another post, the mother of four revealed that she was with her best friend when the woman was giving birth and afterwards discovered the child belonged to her own husband.

“Finding out my best friend’s baby that I just watched be delivered is my husband’s daughter,” she said.

The post attracted massive commentaries on TikTok.

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