“Please keep it calm”- Kuami Eugene beg fans after a lady sent him a video of her huge backside.


Whenever Kuami Eugene publishes a new song, he is frequently the focus of debate among his fans. Immediately following the release of a song, claims that he has sampled other performers’ tracks begin to circulate online.

One thing Kuami Eugene does really well, aside from stirring up controversy with his music, is to establish trends, question the status quo, and release hit singles at the right time.

The song “Bunker” which is the most recent release, started a trend in which women began dancing to the beat and forcefully swaying their Backsides to the beat.

Trends and challenges on the songs of musicians serve the best interests of the musician since it expands his or her fan base, it is a form of contact, and it leads to greater streams, which in turn leads to more money for the musician. Consequently, under normal conditions, an artist will continue to encourage his followers to participate in the competition.

One girl, however, has led Kuami Eugene to come out and advise his supporters to calm down since some of his admirers are taking the bunker challenge to a whole new level as a result of her involvement in the competition.

The heavily endowed lady took no chances and began shaking her “bunker” as if there was no tomorrow in the video, which can be seen below. Comparatively speaking, she won by an overwhelming margin, and her dance was on the verge of being designated as age-restricted as a result of her victory.



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