Emmanuel Besea happy to return to the pitch after one month off


In the victory against Gubbio, Emmanuel Besea, central midfielder of Vis Pesaro, met again on the pitch after a month off:

“For me it was important to return to the field – the Ghanaian told his colleagues at Corriere Adriatico – ed. Pesaro, – is It was a good feeling and then we managed to win. This match represented a lot for me. My teammates made me understand that they are happy with my return, they know that if we stay together we can do well.

“How have I lived these weeks? you work harder, between therapies, gym and pitch. The coach squeezed me trying to get me back in shape, then he made me feel part of the team even if I wasn’t on the pitch. We built a good relationship and dinners that we do post-training are a sign in this sense,”

“All with the aim of keeping us within the mechanism of the team “. Besea’s goal is clear: “What do I think I can give to the midfield? Physical strength and quality flashes. What goals? We hope to be able to reach a peaceful salvation, then if something more comes it only makes us happy. But I repeat , our goal is salvation,”

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