GFA reiterates commitment to fighting hooliganism ahead of 2021/22


The leadership of the Ghana Football Association have reiterated its commitment to evicting the canker of Hooliganism that has plagued the local football scene for a long while.

Last season, there were several incidents of violence recorded at match venues that marred the beauty of the game and rendered match venues unsafe for patrons of the game.

Kurt Okraku, the GFA President disclosed, the indisciplined conduct of the individuals who cause mayhem at the various match centers brings the local game into disrepute and the GFA won’t tolerate any of such when the new season commences.

“I think over the last season, we did our maximum by educating the fans and we will continue to intensify the educational drive this season which hopefully will help in minimizing the act,” Kurt said.

”We cannot prevent misunderstanding wholesomely from football but when it happens, there are rules that one has to follow. It is important people understand that there are always three results in the game: a win, a draw, and a loss.” – he further added.

“And when it is that you are not happy about any of these, there are laid down procedures to express your concern and we must respect these procedures we have rather than taking up to violence” – Kurt concluded.

Source: footballmadeinghana.com


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