My V8 is packed: I don’t feel right driving it in my poverty stricken constituency – Sosu


The Member of Parliament for the Madina Constituency, Mr Francis-Xavier Sosu has said he does not use his luxury V8 vehicle because he doesn’t feel right using it.

That he said was because his community was saddled with poverty, something his conscience would not permit him to drive his luxury V8 vehicle in.

“I don’t use V8, I have been given but when I look at level of poverty in my community, I don’t feel right driving V8 in and around the community. Honestly my conscience doesn’t. I have been given but is packed”.

Mr Sosu made the comment on Citi TV’s Face to Face monitored by GhanaPlus.com on Tuesday, October 26.

Driving V8 is a disconnect from my community -Sosu

According to him, driving such a luxurious vehicle mean a disconnect with his constituent and that he would not engage in.

He said unless on a very necessary occasion, his V8 would remain packed.

“I don’t feel right driving that car in the town, nooo….unless there is a real need for it.  You know  there are certain occasions that they necessarily may require because maybe you are accompanying a sitting president or something and they requiring that you all appear in a convoy, otherwise ,on my own, doing my normal rounds, visiting the sick, the community, aged people in the community, I don’t think that I need to show off,” Mr Sosu added.

“For me, that is a huge point of disconnect with the people. You should know your people. You are living in the midst of poverty and you want to go and flaunt what? I don’t know what we get from that. So honestly, I don’t feel right about that,” he emphasized.

Mr Francis Xavier Sosu, a Human Right Lawyer, won the Madina Constituency seat  in the 2020 elections on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) and had since been the heartbeat of his constituency.

Just a few days ago, he led his constituency in a demonstration, demanding government to fix deplorable roads in the area.




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